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About Us

Santa Fe Water Systems is a proud member of Vessco Holdings

Vessco Holdings has a strong leadership position in the national water industry with synergies that will benefit our engineering and fabrication models as we continue to support our customers and partners.


Santa Fe Industrial Products, a piping system wholesale distributor, originated in 1990 in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Rick Arzola, an initial founder of the company, cultivated a fast growth environment with four wholesale distribution locations by 2000. The company provided Industrial & Utility piping materials as well as Piping System Fabrication Services & HDPE Fusion equipment.

From 2000 to 2022, as part of the Winsupply Inc. group, Santa Fe Winwater became one of the leading suppliers of Waterworks and Industrial Piping System materials in California. Most recently, Santa Fe Water Systems has become a member of Vessco Holdings, an industry leader in the water infrastructure market.

Santa Fe Water Systems is located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and in Anaheim, CA. Experience is a major asset to SFWS’s success. A high percentage of Santa Fe Water System’s employees have been with the company for over 18 years while many since its inception 32 years ago.

The Experience

Santa Fe Water Systems and our experienced staff are committed to customer satisfaction and are backed by resources to support ANY sized project.

People on staff
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Locally owned national presence
Years serving national, industiral & utility markets

The Process

We partner with you to share risk, provide added value, and focus on your success. We first evaluate the job at hand by defining scope and determining costs; build a map by supplying fabrication drawings; and follow up with 3-D models, drawings, and fabrication details. We proceed to offsite prefabrication for added efficiencies, certified testing, and onsite set up.

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Our Team

No matter which services your project requires, our engineers, designers, and expert team of Fabrication & Assembly professionals will be on hand to provide ongoing guidance and support.

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Rick Arzola


team member

Ray Wood

Sales Manager

team member howard

Howard Hancock

Operations Manager

team member chris

Chris Brady

Fabrication Manager

team member david

David Allender

Warehouse Manager

team member kathy

Kathy Novikoff

Head of All-Everything

team member

Chris Lindsey

Engineering Services

team member

Sean Norvell

Valve & Technical Services

Join Our Team

We are proud to have served several large Utilities & Municipalities, plus our many industrial and utility clients – to help meet their unique challenges and needs.

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Recent News

Stormwater Case Study | The Oak Grove Altadena

Stormwater Case Study | The Oak Grove Altadena

A Fresh Stormwater Solution & New Development in a Historic California Community Location Altadena is a historic turn-of-the-century Los Angeles enclave nestled along the hills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The town’s personality is founded in it’s natural surroundings, from countless parks and recreational areas, national forests, to contributory waterways. And although Altadena’s roots are […]

Stormwater Comparison: Detention and Infiltration vs. Harvesting and Retention

Stormwater Comparison: Detention and Infiltration vs. Harvesting and Retention

There is a lot of attention in stormwater lately. It’s a hot topic because cities are focused on long-term sustainability and looking to reduce runoff pollution, thus motivating property developers, architects, and homeowners to do their part by installing management and treatment systems on their properties. But what’s the difference between detention, infiltration, harvesting or […]

To Cut Measure W Taxes, Consider Capturing Your Stormwater

To Cut Measure W Taxes, Consider Capturing Your Stormwater

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Products and Services Overview

Looking for more information about Santa Fe Water Systems? We’ve compiled a PDF deck about our company for quick and easy reference. Click the link below to download.

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