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Infiltration Systems and Dry wells

Make sure you have an infiltration system that’s optimized.

Infiltration is the first and preferred method for stormwater treatment. Our infiltration systems ensure clean, seamless dissipation of infiltrated rainwater into groundwater and will meet the local regulatory requirements. The purpose of low impact development (LID) is to put as much rain water back into the ground as possible, even after you build on it. You can accomplish this one of two ways: through infiltration retention tanks or dry wells.

Pick your rainwater capture system

Already have an existing rainwater capture method? No problem. We can integrate our infiltration system with it.

We evaluate a few things first:

Site infrastructure and your current piping

What rate you are able to put water into the ground based on geotechnical conditions

Permit requirements, for example if it has to be pre-filtered before it goes back into the ground.

Then, we design the best onsite retention system for you. At that point, we either go with an infiltration system or a dry well — whichever will ultimately work best on a site.

Dry Well scaling makes them one of the cost-effective ways to collect rainwater.

Santa Fe Water Systems’ dry infiltration include:

Plastic (HDPE)

Perhaps the most common, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks are affordable and guaranteed high-quality. Corrosion-resistant, leak-free and totally adaptable, you can trust that a HDPE tank is strong and built to last. These tanks are most widely recommended, but ensure that you buy one new and follow best practices to prevent it from growing any harmful algae. Choose from three versions of our plastic tanks:


This contains a minimum of 40% recycled HDPE and engineered to provide a 100 year service life. It’s the best choice for when you need a watertight pipe for high volumes of water.

HydroStor Chamber

The industry’s highest performing chamber, this system maximizes the use of your commercial land by not only storing water underground, but recharging it.

UrbanPond® by BioClean

Urban pond is truly one of the most adaptable infiltration solutions on the market. It offers flexibility for configurations, depth, inlet and outlet configurations and integrated infiltration and bypass options.

Ensure your site needs are met

We have engineers who are specifically trained to customize your basin size, meeting your property’s needs. For all your technical and regulatory stormwater needs, we are here for you and your team — ensuring the most optimized systems. Always.

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System Capabilities

Detention and Retention

Rain Harvesting

Other Products

Industrial Products

We offer Piping System components utilized in a variety of Infrastructure applications. Water Plants: Filtration, Treatment, Desalinization, Hydro, Dams Reservoirs, Pump Stations, and Groundwater Applications.

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Utility Products

We provide Stormwater Quality Systems, Water, Sewer, & HDPE water/gas piping systems in a range of materials ─ in addition to other supplies that are crucial to your project’s success.

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A viable solution for long-term water management, HDPE piping systems and components provide a long-term corrosion-resistant and leak-free water management material.

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Efficient Irrigation is crucial in drought-sensitive areas. Our team has developed an innovative system that removes up to 90% of manual labor from traditional methods, while simultaneously reducing setup time from a full day to under an hour.

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Custom Fabrication

Value-added services including engineering services, 3D modeling, Fab Shop piping system fabrication, assembly, and certified hydro testing provide a unique resource approach to our partners.

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Valves & Actuators

With 30 years of experience helping clients solve their complex valve performance issues, we supply the widest range in types and sizes of valves and actuators.

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