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Santa Fe only partners with the best. Meet BioClean. BioClean makes dependable, cost-effective stormwater products. A partner company of SantaFe Water Systems, BioClean’s products treat stormwater pollutants with innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions. 

All BioClean solutions are made from high-quality products for a higher standard of stormwater treatment.


Underground precast concrete storage systems safely and efficiently store high volumes of stormwater underground, before discharging in a controlled and timely process. The tested storage systems are usually integrated with one of Bio Clean’s proven stormwater treatment systems, giving customers superior versatile and reliable solutions to manage stormwater volume. Underground storage will also help prevent above ground stormwater hazards, like flooding and erosion.

UrbanPond® by BioClean

Historically, underground concrete tanks are more expensive and are often a lengthy, invasive project to install. In reality, modern reinforced concrete tanks can be just as cost effective as plastic tanks once they reach a large volume. The larger the tank, the lower the cost per cubic foot.

UrbanPond concrete tanks are built to last, thanks to their integrated structure. The tanks can maximize water volume and allow for a deep burial without any additional reinforcement. And the Urban Pond concrete detention offers added security of being an H-20 load rated as a structure — unlike CPM and plastics that rely on the backfill for support. These systems are also ideal for high traffic loading applications like airports.


Meet regulations and overcome challenges with biofiltration. Bio Clean’s engineered biofiltration systems incorporate nature’s own filtration power and water control into efficient and effective systems. Innovative and exclusive horizontal flow designs and specific media make Bio Clean’s systems more versatile and adaptive to meet challenges, regulations, and settings in countless regions and environments, including being the only biofiltration device on the market to be approved to meet the California Full Trash Capture requirements.

Using nature’s own filtration power for highly efficient systems

Trash separators no longer do the trick. The dependable and efficient biofiltration is the key to meeting the newest, most stringent pollutant removal demands. The patented horizontal flow design of our biofiltration products means that we can meet regulations and overcome challenges that other products can’t. That’s our promise.

Make a difference in your community by keeping waterways clean

Red tide and algae blooms are one of the top causes of pollutant damage in oceans and rivers. And unfortunately, it’s directly related to nitrogen and phosphorus runoff in the stormwater system. 

Biofiltration is the only way to reduce that pollutant, taking out phosphorus, nitrogen, and other dissolved constituents.

Unique horizontal design for removal efficiency

To explain the design of Biocleans products, imagine a shoebox. Normally, it takes up about a square foot of space. But when you break down the three-dimensional box, you have more surface area to work with. That’s what our products are like. Our 3D horizontal flow design gives you more surface area to work within the same valuable footprint. 

Perhaps the best part of the design is that it’s built to eliminate the things that kill all the good biologicals. And it’s proven to work — it takes out 99% of oil, grease, and sediment down to 10 microns. All this is backed by a number of verified governmental third-party agencies.

Modular Wetlands Linear

BioClean’s flagship stormwater product, the Modular Wetlands Linear effectively removes pollutants through a combination of physical, chemical, and biological filtration. It’s the only biofiltration system to use the patented horizontal flow design, which means a smaller footprint, higher treatment capacity, and a wide range of versatility.


The WetlandMod allows the use of soils specified by agencies to meet various jurisdictional requirements. With the same horizontal flow advantages of the Modular Wetlands System, WetlandMod has a 50% smaller footprint than traditional downward flow planters, reducing and controlling water volume even more efficiently (and proactively).

Fiberglass MWS

An adaptation of the Modular Wetlands Linear design, Fiberglass MWS is specifically for downspout applications, an above-ground planter box to treat roof runoff. Lightweight and easy-to-install, the Fiberglass MWS  has a pretreatment tray for collecting leaves and other debris to easily remove. 

With its sleek, clear design, this unit is easily adapted to fit the landscaping or architectural features of a building. From nightclubs to hotels, the Fiberglass MWS Linear seamlessly blends into surroundings. It’s a super-light 1100 pounds (as compared to similar solutions that are upwards of 35,000) and is ideal for tight spaces and roof applications. This lends itself to site appeal — while still meeting all the permit needs for stormwater runoff.


Experience the difference of superior flow-through separation. Bio Clean has been supplying hydrodynamic separators for 20 years. Their devices provide superior flow-through structures designed with ease of maintenance in mind by incorporating outstanding water processing controls and pollution mitigation to capture sediment, trash, and other pollutants of concern.

SciCLONE Separator for fine-tuned debris separation

The hydraulics behind our vortex and swirl separators are made to separate trash in a unique way that prevents trash from ruminating. When the water comes in and is pushed into a spinning vortex, the sediment will go to the bottom while larger trash debris floats on top. As water comes through, it stays clean.

Debris Separating Baffle Box

A regular trash separator is not enough to keep your water clean. From the cheese on wrappers to the coffee left in a coffee filter, these biological breakdowns on debris are another top cause of stormwater pollution. 

Be sure that your water stays clean and clear with screening devices, swirl separators, and baffle boxes.

When water enters, trash is pushed off to all-metal cages. That stays on top while water goes down, changing velocity over the walls to drop out sediment. And when the water comes up and out, the sediment is locked up, unable to leave the chambers. 

This system allows for much finer sediment control and state-of-the-art separation.

Deflective screening device using hydrodynamics

With opposite facing openings from the flow direction, the deflective screening device (DSD) maintains high treatment flow rates. The DSD’s noncorrosive design has superior non-clogging technology and meets the stringent California full trash capture requirements.


High-flow, low-loading filtration for max performance

Meet the media filter with the lowest life cycle cost

From dissolved metals to oil & grease removal, our filtration systems take out industrial components with ease. Specifically designed to target metals and industrial runoffs, they remove 85-95% of total suspended solids (TSS) on average.

Kraken Membrane Filter

For a lower life cycle and maintenance cost, turn to the kraken membrane filter. Each kraken membrane is easy to use, washable, and lightweight. With easy-to-grip handles, you can remove, clean, and reattach without breaking out the toolbox.

Here’s what you get with a kraken filter: 

  • High flow rates with max surface area
  • Easy-to-remove membrane filters that can be hand washed
  • Easy maintenance – no granular media to replace
  • Built-in pretreatment chamber to capture debris
  • Filters that dry out after storms, preventing clogging and biological growth.
Water Pollisher

The patented up-flow media filter has built-in pretreatment to remove large and small sediments and prevent clogging. 

Here’s what you get with a water polisher:

  • Dual treatment, both separation and adsorption media
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easily installed online with internal bypass
  • Built-in pretreatment with double-chambered sediment separation
  • Zero fall requirements


Perhaps the most common, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks are affordable and guaranteed the best quality. Corrosion-resistant, leak-free, and totally adaptable, you can trust that an HDPE tank is strong and built to last. Choose from three versions of our plastic tanks:


This contains a minimum of 40% recycled HDPE and is engineered to provide a 100 year service life. It’s the best choice for when you need a watertight pipe for high volumes of water.


This dual-wall high performance pipe is a great choice for projects where you need high performance in structure and joints and want an efficient installation.

HydroStor Chamber

The industry’s highest performing chamber, this system maximizes the use of your commercial land by not only storing water underground, but recharging it.


Dynamic Geotechnical Solutions (DGS) is a staff of registered engineers and geologists. They have extensive experience solving complex geotechnical and environmental challenges. The team are subject matter experts in geotechnical consulting, environmental consulting, laboratory testing, and special inspections. They can help you with:

DGS dug drainage trench
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Phase I and II environmental site assessments
  • Environmental remediation
  • Grading plan review
  • Grading and construction oversight and inspection
  • Percolation and infiltration testing
  • Laboratory testing

DGS uses a team approach. They work with your staff throughout your project to successfully complete it on time and within budget. Project managers, geologists, environmental professionals, engineers, field staff, and laboratory staff are available to respond to you within 24 hours. They will assist you with:

DGS earth moving equipment
  • Project management from proposal preparation through fieldwork and testing to report preparation
  • Negotiation and interfacing with regulatory agencies and/or other involved entities
  • Obtaining regulatory agency approval and/or site closure

Ensure your site needs are met

We have engineers who are specifically trained to customize your basin size, meeting your property’s needs. For all your technical and regulatory stormwater needs, we are here for you and your team — ensuring the most optimized systems. Always.

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