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Stormwater Systems

Stormwater mitigation is posing a real challenge as cities continue to expand and build, with many municipalities putting pressure on developers and contractors to help solve this problem. Our engineering team took this issue to task to provide superior cost-effective solutions and engineering assistance throughout the project life cycle.

System Capabilities

Our team ensures that the finished product complies with the most stringent specifications. Onsite retention IS the single largest driving factor in the stormwater market. Santa Fe Water Systems offers many options of design and materials to help optimize these site goals.


Temporarily retains rainwater until it can be released into the storm drain system

  • Water is collected from roofs, parking structures, facilities drainage, AC units, and overflow basins.
  • Collected water is processed with debris filtration and then stored until the water can be incrementally pumped and dispensed back into the municipal storm drain system.
  • SFWS Retention Vessels include IAPMO Certified Steel, HDPE, Reinforced Concrete, and Fiberglass Options.

Rain Harvesting and Reuse

Rain Harvesting retains rainwater onsite to be reused for landscape irrigation. The rain harvesting process of collecting and storing water is the same as the detention/retention process; however, instead of being dispensed back into the municipal Storm Drain System – water is repurposed for onsite irrigation.

  • Pre-Filtration
  • Rainwater Storage Vessel
  • Pump Station & Controls
  • Integrated Irrigation Systems
  • NSF Certified Filtration/Treatment
  • System Water Replenishment

Infiltration Systems

In conjunction with horizontal leach lines for groundwater replenishing, onsite stormwater collection is routed into below grade Storage Vessels, concrete or HDPE piping. Water is slowly released back into the groundwater system.

  • Rainwater Catchment
  • Pre-Filtration
  • Rainwater Storage Vessel
  • Dissipation into Groundwater

Dry Wells

Similar to the infiltration system, but with vertical wells and filtration components

  • Scalable water volume point of collection, filtration and drainage, then back into the groundwater system.
  • Dry Wells are the most cost effective method of Stormwater collection, filtration and groundwater system dispension.
  • SFWS Dry Well Options include HDPE and Reinforced Concrete Vessels.
  • SFWS will assist engineers and recommend Basin Sizing. SFWS Dry Well Basin size ranges are available to accommodate each application.
  • Piping materials and sizes are designed per application.
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Trash and Debris is becoming highly regulated. Bioclean offers 2 California Approved trash and debris separation devices that are designed with long maintance cycles and multiple configuration options available.


The SciClone Separator is a cost-effective hydrodynamic separator, allowing for high sediment (TSS) removal, internal bypass, and an efficient way to capture and retain free-floating oils, trash, and debris.


From dissolved metals to oil & grease removal, our filtration systems take out industrial components with ease. Specifically designed to target metals and industrial runoffs, they remove 85-95% of total suspended solids (TSS) on average.


Bioclean offers 3 separate Biofiltration designs providing:
1) Highest pollutant removal rates
2) Smallest footprints saving upto 60% compared to standard biofiltration planters
3) Simple cost effective maintenance
4) wide ranging regulatory approvals

Filtration Products

Stormwater Pump Station Systems

  • Stormwater Pump Stations are scalable, designed and built to provide onsite transfer of water through filtration into storage and final dispensing options.
  • Pump Stations can also be designed to move water through onsite irrigation processes.
  • Pump Stations typically include Storage Vessels, Pumps, Liquid Level Sensors, Piping, and Operational Controls.
  • Vessel Materials of Construction range from HDPE, RCP, Steel, or FRP.
  • SFWS Systems are engineered and designed to be self contained but also offer Accessories and Options to complement the system.
  • Please call our SFWS Engineering Group for a custom designed system.

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Need More Info About Stormwater Systems Systems?

Looking for more information about stormwater Systems systems and stormwater mitigation? We’ve compiled a PDF deck about it for quick and easy reference. Click the link below to download.

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Other Products

Industrial Products

From piping and tank systems to pumps and testing, we offer durable, quality products for your industry needs.

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Utility Products

We provide water, storm and sewer, and HDPE water/gas piping systems in a range of materials ─ in addition to other supplies that are crucial to your project’s success.

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A viable solution for long-term water management, HDPE piping systems and components provide a long-term corrosion-resistant and leak-free water management material.

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Efficient Irrigation is crucial in drought-sensitive areas. Our team has developed an innovative system that removes up to 90% of manual labor from traditional methods, while simultaneously reducing setup time from a full day to under an hour.

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Custom Fabrication

Value-added services including engineering services, 3D modeling, Fab Shop piping system fabrication, assembly, and certified hydro testing provide a unique resource approach to our partners.

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Valves & Actuators

With 30 years of experience helping clients solve their complex valve performance issues, we supply the widest range in types and sizes of valves and actuators.

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