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BaHM Treatment System

The BaHM™ Treatment System is the leading technology for dramatically reducing bacteria levels, and removing heavy metals and oil from industrial site runoff.
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BaHM Treatment System

Bacteria & Heavy Metals

BaHM is a revolutionary solution engineered for industrial site owners and cities striving to meet water treatment regulations with a cost-effective long-term solution. This advanced system is designed to tackle the challenges of industrial site stormwater treatment, ensuring efficient pollution control, reduced environmental impact, and compliance with stringent water quality standards.

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BaHM operates without the need for pumps and electronic controls, reducing maintenance, and operational costs and complexities.

Achieves up to 4x the flow rate compared to standard carbon and resin systems, facilitating faster and more efficient water treatment.

Offers up to 30% lower disposal costs than alternative media. The secret? A drastic reduction in retained water weight – just 1%, as opposed to the 30%-35% seen in carbon and resin systems.

Delivers significantly higher dissolved pollutant removal efficiency, making it a leader in its class.

Capable of accommodating four different media types for targeted pollutant removal. From standard oils and greases to heavy metals, bacteria, and emerging contaminants. (Note: PFAS treatment capabilities coming soon).

Smart Sponge® Media Variations


Smart Sponge


Smart Sponge Plus

Smart-Sponge Plus_sample-photo

Smart Sponge HM

Smart-Sponge HM_sample-photo

Smart Sponge AC

Smart-Sponge AC_sample-photo

Smart Sponge BC

Smart-Sponge BC_sample-photo
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System Operation

Stage 1

Trash & Sediment Collection: Two stages of separation trap large trash, sediment, and hydrocarbons.

Stage 2

Media Filtration: Single or multiple media types target various pollutants of concern.

Stage 3

Controlled Discharge: An engineered manifold design effectively manages treatment and discharge volumes.

Stage 4

Drain-Down & High-Flow Bypass: The system is designed to completely drain down, and allow for safe flows during extreme weather events.

Design Advantages

  • Horizontal or Upflow System Design
  • Very Low Head Requirements
  • Zero Invert Out Differential
  • Design Meets H-20 Load Ratings
  • Easy Vac Truck Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Above or Below Grade Applications
  • Can be Equipped to Target Specific POCs
  • System Drains Down to Prevent Standing Water Issues]
  • A High-Flow Bypass Weir Prevents System Flooding During Abnormal, High-Volume Events

Turn-Key Project Development

Stormwater management remains at the forefront of sustainable and compliant infrastructural design. Yet, not every business can apply the resources necessary to take a complex project from planning and solutions package deployment, to onsite coordination and installation. This is where Santa Fe Water Systems’ team can help. We supply turn-key in-house resources that help our customers through regulatory approval, engineering stamps, to post-construction activation and turn over.

Research & Regulatory Approval

Advanced Design Services

Engineering Stamps

On-Site & Post-Construction Support

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Download every detail, from targeted pollutant removal and reduction rates to operation diagrams and design insight.

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