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The Ultrawell™ Dry Well System is our flagship stormwater system, giving our clients a turnkey solution with a list of cost-effective advantages. Meet volume, infiltration, treatment, and budget goals today.

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Ultrawell™ Dry Well System

Santa Fe Water Systems’ Ultrawell™ administers a fresh multi-faceted solution to meet complex stormwater goals and manage runoff. Similar to infiltration systems, the Ultrawell™ utilizes vertical wells and filtration components to handle large water volumes and re-introduce stormwater safely into the natural environment, recharging groundwater.

Well-designed dry wells can manage a large amount of water volume as well as solve an array of stormwater design, regulatory, and installation challenges.

  • Dry wells are the most cost effective method of stormwater collection, filtration and groundwater system recharge.
  • Our expert engineers will assist with your design, recommend basin sizing, and facilitate with plans.
  • Piping materials and sizes are designed per application, and may include HDPE and reinforced concrete vessels.

Ultrawell™ Model Options

The Ultrawell™ is a versatile system that can adapt for various applications. From streetscapes and parking lot curb inlets to pretreatment diversion, the Ultrawell™ is one of the only dry well systems that can fit different design needs.

Ultrawell Advanced


Curb Inlet


Dual Basin


Single Basin


Advanced Dry Well Design Services

Additional design support can improve design efficiency by often decreasing required or needed design size, saving time, cost, and long-term maintenance. Contact us for a project review session and get immediate input on your project scope and goals.

  • Dry well modeling or advanced dry well design for upstream detention and optimal dry well placement.
  • Dry well schematics mapping and planning for infiltration and retention.
Infiltration Modelling Diagram

Turn-Key Project Development

Stormwater management remains at the forefront of sustainable and compliant infrastructural design. Yet, not every business can apply the resources necessary to take a complex project from planning and solutions package deployment, to onsite coordination and installation. This is where Santa Fe Water Systems’ team can help. We supply turn-key in-house resources that help our customers through regulatory approval, engineering stamps, to post-construction activation and turn over.

Research & Regulatory Approval

Advanced Design Services

Engineering Stamps

On-Site & Post-Construction Support

Real World Stormwater Management Success


The Oak Grove of Altadena housing development is a model example of the Ultrawell™ dry well’s comprehensive stormwater management advantages. Some of the challenges included saving land, meeting local stormwater regulations, and safeguarding the property from future flood risks.

Discover how the Ultrawell™ played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges.

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