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Valve Actuation

SFWS provides comprehensive Valve Support Services which include Actuation, Operation, Troubleshooting, Coating, Hydro testing, and Appurtenance Installation.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

SFWS offers a wide array of Valve & Actuation Products and Services. Valve Types include all Flow Control, On-Off, and Modulating Performance.  Actuation and Testing Operations are conducted in SFWS Facilities with Calibrated Testing Equipment. SFWS will assist customers with Technical Support as well as Installation Services. Valve Testing may also be integrated with Rosemount Instruments & Controls.

Types of Valve Actuation

Widest selection of Valves & Actuation

Valve Types & Sizes

We supply the widest range of valve types in sizes ranging from ¼” to 168” diameter.

  • Anti-cavitation
  • Ball
  • Ball Check
  • Butterfly
  • CARV
  • Diaphragm
  • Duckbill
  • Float
  • Flow Control
  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Knife gate
  • Needle
  • Pinch
  • Plug
  • Pressure Control
  • Slide gate
  • Swing Check

Valve Testing & Certifications

Our team ensures that the finished product complies to the most stringent specifications.



valve test

Electric, Pneumatic,
& Hydraulic

valve test

Leak & Hydro Test

Certified up to 300 psi

valve test


Application, mil Thickness & Holiday

Valve & Actuation Manufacturers

  • American
  • Apollo
  • Auma
  • Bray
  • ClaVal
  • Clow
  • Dezurik
  • Dorot
  • EIM
  • El-O-Matic
  • Emerson
  • Elite
  • Fresno
  • GF +
  • Hayward
  • K-Tork
  • Limitorque
  • M&H

Other Services

Engineering & Design
Fabrications & Assembly
Warehouse on Wheels
Fusion Equipment
Field Services

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