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Fabrication Department Expansion

Santa Fe Water Systems has completed its fabrication department expansion.

Santa Fe Water System expands its Fabrication Space to an adjacent building allowing for significant growth. Now that the fabrication department expansion is complete, SFWS is now providing over 30,000 ft of fabrication capabilities with in-house automated equipment integration.

The custom pipe fabrication process is a collaborative effort between our engineering group and your team. We work together to define the scope of the project and move to production as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our value-added offerings provide a unique resource approach to our partners. From the engineering and design phase to quality testing, we craft and assemble your individual project pieces into the system you’re looking for.

We are your partner from day one. Our information and workflow are seamless and logical, entailing only the best results for your product. Collaboration means innovation. Innovation means success.

Santa Fe Water Systems is your lasting industrial, utility, and stormwater solutions partner.

We are a leading supplier of water infrastructure equipment, piping systems, pre-fabricated assemblies, and stormwater solutions. Our world-class engineers, designers, and fabricators are renowned for their elevated level of services, competitive pricing, and reliable turnaround.

We have the capability to support all phases of the water infrastructure lifecycle, including the planning, design, build, installation, and maintenance of your project. Santa Fe Water Systems has multiple locations throughout Southern California and has been in business for over 30 years. We recently became a member of Vessco Holdings, who is a leader in the water infrastructure industry.

Contact our representatives for a project or design review session today.