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We offer solutions for Turnkey Piping Systems and Prefabricated Assemblies. SFWS is fortunate to be supported and aligned with the premier product manufacturers in all Piping System Product Categories.

Industrial Products

We offer Piping System components utilized in a variety of Infrastructure applications. Water Plants: Filtration, Treatment, Desalinization, Hydro, Dams Reservoirs, Pump Stations, and Groundwater Applications.

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Utility Products

We provide Stormwater Quality Systems, Water, Sewer, & HDPE water/gas piping systems in a range of materials ─ in addition to other supplies that are crucial to your project’s success.

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Stormwater Quality Systems

Stormwater mitigation is posing a real challenge as cities continue to expand and build, with many municipalities putting pressure on developers and contractors to help solve this problem. Our engineering team took this issue to task to provide superior cost-effective solutions and engineering assistance throughout the project life cycle.

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A viable solution for long-term water management, HDPE piping systems and components provide a long-term corrosion-resistant and leak-free water management material.

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Efficient Irrigation is crucial in drought-sensitive areas. Our team has developed an innovative system that removes up to 90% of manual labor from traditional methods, while simultaneously reducing setup time from a full day to under an hour.

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Custom Fabrication

Value-added services including engineering services, 3D modeling, Fab Shop piping system fabrication, assembly, and certified hydro testing provide a unique resource approach to our partners.

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Valves & Actuators

With 30 years of experience helping clients solve their complex valve performance issues, we supply the widest range in types and sizes of valves and actuators.

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