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Stormwater Quality Systems Expansion

Santa Fe Water Systems expands its stormwater quality product scope to include a proprietary drywell, bioclean modular wetland and filtration, and IAMPO Certified Retention Systems. This will provide engineers, developers, and owners with a complete stormwater quality system product offering.

Our new dry wells stormwater management process includes a scalable water volume point of collection, filtration, and drainage, then sends the water back into the groundwater system. This is the most cost-effective method of stormwater collection, filtration, and groundwater system dispersion.

We will assist engineers and recommend basin sizing. We offer a wide range of dry well basin sizes to accommodate each application. SFWS designs piping materials and sizes per application.

Our new filtration system removes industrial components like metals, oil, and grease with ease. Specifically designed to target metals and industrial runoffs, this filtration system removes 85-95% of total suspended solids (TSS) on average.

Stormwater quality is a challenge as cities continue to expand and build. Many municipalities are putting pressure on developers and contractors to help solve the problem. Our engineering team provides superior cost-effective stormwater solutions and engineering assistance throughout the project life cycle.

Santa Fe Water Systems stormwater quality systems are engineered and designed to be self-contained. We offer additional accessories and custom options to complement the system.

Our team ensures that the finished product complies with the most stringent stormwater management specifications. Onsite retention is the single largest driving factor in the stormwater market. Santa Fe Water Systems offers many options for design and materials to help optimize these site goals.